MOSS Floristas, opened its doors in Madrid in 2014, with the vocation of offering select flowers presented with style.

We work globally with brands and people, designing facilities with fresh flowers and plants for campaigns, projects, weddings, private and corporate events. We are known for our close treatment and we work closely with the client to achieve the most optimal result. We propose flower arrangements ranging from simple compositions inspired by nature, to large artistic installations in fine glass and ceramics, always highlighting the natural beauty of flowers and their ability to transform spaces and transmit sensations.

We like to work with seasonal plants and flowers, always looking for the most sustainable way of doing our work. We take care of the quality of the raw material, our work and the service. We use as little plastic as possible in our packaging and presentations and installations.

María Ruiz de Huidobro Peñate

María Ruiz de Huidobro Peñate

Moss Owner and Artistic Director

María Ruiz de Huidobro Peñate, the owner and Artistic Director of Moss, was educated at the Spanish School of Floral Art but defines herself as a self-taught florist with a passion for the world of flowers that dates back to her childhood. Her previous professional experience linked to marketing in different consumer, retail and luxury multinationals has given her a special sensitivity to transmit her projects and work with large brands.

“In our childhood my mother used to bring home fresh flowers every week, which she herself arranged into beautiful bouquets in a ritual that hypnotized me. Throughout all this time, I always kept my passion for transforming and improving spaces with flowers and plants, knowing that at some point it would be inevitable to dedicate myself to what I had always wanted … working with flowers and creating MOSS. “

Miguel Vidal Llul

Miguel Vidal Llul

Expert Florist

Miguel Vidal Llul, is an Expert Florist at Moss. He is a self-taught and vocational florist, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of floral art. He has worked in various flower shops and firms in Madrid and Alicante and has extensive knowledge of botany and flower art technique.

“My vocation for growing plants and fl oral art is largely due to the inheritance of my maternal grandfather. My early childhood was surrounded by orange, plum and cherry trees, marigolds, daisies, carnations, lilies, roses and lilies that were grown in the family garden. Almost without realizing it, I began to mount my first bouquets and to develop this great passion, which is the elaboration of compositions and ornamentation with flowers and plants “