• Marta Pelaez Bañuelos


    Marta is a passionate florist by vocation who began her professional career in Moss after having trained at Savia Bruta Flower School.

    Marta has extensive professional experience in retail sales and point of sale management. Their friendliness and approach provide an excellent shopping experience for Moss customers.

    Her artistic sensitivity and desire for perfection make her an excellent florist. Her favorite flowers are cosmos, poppies, ornithogalo and dahlias.

  • María Ruiz de Huidobro Peñate

    Owner and Artistic Director

    María Ruiz de Huidobro Peñate, the owner and Artistic Director of Moss, trained at the Spanish School of Floral Art but defines herself as a self-taught florist with a passion for the world of flowers that dates back to her childhood. His previous professional experience linked to marketing in different consumer, retail and luxury multinationals has given him a special sensitivity to transmit his projects and work with big brands.

    “During our childhood, my mother used to bring home fresh flowers every week, which she herself arranged into beautiful bouquets in a ritual that hypnotized me. Throughout all this time, I always maintained my passion for transforming and improving spaces with flowers and plants, knowing that at some point it would be inevitable to dedicate myself to what I had always wanted...working with flowers and creating MOSS."

  • Miguel Vidal Lull

    Florist Expert

    Miguel Vidal Lull, is an Expert Florist at Moss. He is a self-taught and vocational florist, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of floral art. He has worked in various firms and flower shops in Madrid and Alicante and has extensive knowledge of botany and floral art techniques.

    “I owe my vocation for the cultivation of plants and floral art largely to the inheritance of my maternal grandfather. My early childhood was surrounded by orange, plum and cherry trees, marigolds, daisies, carnations, lilies, roses and lilies that were grown in the family garden. Almost without realizing it, I began to assemble my first bouquets and develop this great passion, which is creating compositions and ornamentation with flowers and plants.”


Since 2014. Our History

In the vibrant heart of Madrid, a corner of floral charm was born in 2014: MOSS Floristas . María Ruiz de Huidobro Peñate , the inspiring owner and Artistic Director of MOSS , not only brings with her excellent training from the Spanish School of Floral Art , but also an innate passion for flowers that has bloomed since her childhood.

With a professional background in the world of marketing in prestigious consumer, retail and luxury multinationals, María masterfully fuses floral creativity with a unique sensitivity to transmit projects and collaborate with big brands. Since then, MOSS Floristas has become a distinctive brand, collaborating globally with brands and individuals to design floral installations with a unique touch .

"Moss is known for its beautiful store-workshop and well-kept online store, for the friendly service and for the bouquets and centerpieces they make with tastefully presented flowers and plants. They work with companies, brands and people, designing floral decorations for campaigns, projects, weddings and all types of private and corporate events. The flower bags, the bouquets in tote bags are very practical to carry, and the centers in enameled ceramic pots are beautiful. They speak Spanish, English and French"

At MOSS, our passion is also reflected in our commitment to sustainability . We work with seasonal plants and flowers , taking care of every step of our process to minimize our environmental impact . The quality of the raw materials, our service and the environment is our priority. We minimize the use of plastic in packaging, presentations and installations, prioritizing exceptional floral experiences in an environmentally friendly way.

We help you decorate your moments with fresh flowers and unique creativity .